Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sasha Wass- The Woman Sending James Ibori to Jail

Sasha Wass QC-Prosecuting Council in Ibori's case 

Is it not poetic justice that James Ibori, former governor of Delta state, a known lover of women, is going to prison by the efforts of a woman? When Ibori’s autobiography is written, this line must be included “Born of a woman, surrounded by women all his life, Ibori was sent to prison by a woman”

Ibori's wife, sister and mistress have already been convicted of helping him launder money in separate trials in London.

Ibori's women and lawyer also serving jail terms in UK 

Here is the profile of the woman that is sending Ibori to prison.

Called to the Bar in 1981, Sasha Wass and was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2000. She has a broad criminal practice in both prosecution and defence work. She has been involved in notable high profile cases including the trials of serial killer Rosemary West and failed financier, Roger Levitt. 

Particular interests included disputed medical and scientific evidence: she recently acted for the successful appellant in what is now the leading case of baby shaking, where the entire prosecution case centred on the evidence of expert witnesses. 

Additionally, she has been involved in cases where cause of death is disputed and scientific evidence is challenged. Miss Wass has considerable experience in cases involving sexual offences including those involving young and vulnerable witnesses. She has appeared in a number of cases of “mercy killing”.

Miss Wass has been involved in the prosecution of large scale international money laundering cases and confiscation hearings which flow from convictions in these cases.

She has been recommended as a leader in the field of crime in both chamber directory and the Legal 500.

Famous quotes from Wass during Ibori’s trial

“There was effectively a thief in the government office of Delta State"

“He lied his way into public office. He tricked the Nigerian authorities and the Nigerian voters. He was never the legitimate governor of Delta State”

“As the pretender of that public office, he was able to plunder Delta state's wealth and hand out patronage”

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